Construction and Real Estate

Independent and sound legal advice on the contract of sale

Through our years of practice, we have had successful collaborations with overseas clients because we guarantee that we will never act against your interests. We undertake to advice you on your contract of sale of the property you wish to purchase, so that your rights are safeguarded. To this purpose, we undertake to negotiate on your behalf or advise you in your negotiations, with the land development company which you plan to purchase your property from and to review or even draft your contract of sale of the property ourselves.

The Background check

Before any contract is signed you may engage our firm to conduct a legal due diligence in relation to either the property you are planning to purchase or the land development company selling the property or both. Our firm will be happy to provide you with an up-to-date background check of the Seller and the property you wish to purchase, from the Lands Registry Office and from the Department of the Registrar of Companies respectively, so that you know exactly what you are purchasing and who you are purchasing it from. Accordingly, our firm can offer you solutions to any issues which the background check may reveal.

Escrow Agency: Money paid when money is due

Our firm can act as your escrow agent to facilitate payment of the price of the property you wish to purchase, under the agreed terms of the contract of sale, which may provide for payment in installments or on a work-completed basis (if the property you wish to purchase is not completed). With this arrangement, we will only release funds to the Seller, provided that he fulfills certain conditions with which you are satisfied.

Our firm offers full legal services to clients, which include:

  • Advice on Construction and Real Estate Law
  • Reviewing and drafting legal documents and Contracts
  • Escrow Agency Services
  • Construction and Real Estate Litigation, Arbitration and Mediation

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