Invest in Cyprus

Doing Business and Living in Cyprus

Cyprus offers unique opportunities for doing business as well as investing in Real Estate. Providing easy access to Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Cyprus is at an ideal location to accommodate travel, holiday and business needs and an ideal place to keep a home away from home. Cyprus boasts the cleanest beaches in Europe for the summer and scenic mountains for the winter. With all major cities within about a two hour drive from each other, a property in Cyprus can be anything you want it to be.

As of 2012, non-EU country nationals can obtain Cyprus permanent resident status by taking advantage of a newly established fast-track procedure, through investment in real estate. Additionally, a non-EU country national wishing to obtain Cyprus citizenship, may do so by choosing to invest in Cyprus in various ways, either personally or through ownership of company shares. The investment criteria which must be met by the successful applicant may be in Cyprus Government bonds, in Cypriot companies or organizations, in Cypriot bank deposits, in land development projects or a combination of the above options. Major Collective Investments would also qualify the investing parties to become Cypriot citizens. For applying to obtain Cyprus citizenship, the interested party must also acquire residence in Cyprus.

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